Thursday, March 28, 2013

1st ever qoute day thursday!

I've decided to start a new regular feature! It's going to be every Thursday, and I'm going to share with you some of my favourite quotes!

Most of them are from tumblr, and the perks of being a wallflower. Personally, I adore quotes. There seems to be one out there for every mood and emotion, and I'm hoping this feature will be a place where I can reflect upon that! So, without further ado, here's my first three quotes!

I have this picture up in my room. When somethings not going to great at home or at school, and I feel like it's the end of the world, looking at this always gives me a more positive outlook which I find amazing!

I can remember reading this paragraph in the perks of being a wallflower for the first time. From that moment on, I will easily say I've looked at life in a different light. It is a quote that reminds me that what is happening to me now, will be so different to whats happening to me in 5, 10,15 years time. Every moment will pass, and become a memory no matter how big or small. How magical is that? This morning, my alarm clock went of at half past six as it does every school day. In that moment, is was the most annoying thing ever. But as a memory, it is full of relief and reflection. I had a great last day at school which was very eventful, and full of moments which are now memories. And that all happened because of one moment where I woke up when my alarm clock wen off and I was annoyed. And so on. So that is truly magical in my eyes- how every memory you have was once a moment, every picture that you look at was once happening to the people in it. The people in those pictures weren't always a picture- they were once a bunch of people having fun or posing awkwardly. And now, those moments are stories and memories.

That quote really opened up my mind in a whole new way. I now question everything so much more, and put so much thought into things. It's brilliant!

Another quote that makes me realise that me being unhappy is not the end of the world, and is not going to last forever. Pretty self explanatory :)

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've enjoyed the new feature!!xox


I've had my fair share of ups and downs for the past three years. That is, to put it quite simply. But lately, I've really discovered true happiness I think, as cheesy as it sounds. It's made me realise just how much I've been missing out on by being miserable! I've also realised that I've had a lot of moments where I thought I was happy, but really, I wasn't. Close maybe, but not properly happy.

Since I've started diving basically, I have been on a massive high. The addition of proper exercise into my life has really had a positive effect on me, and I've also started eating healthily and properly! I had really gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast, but after a chat and some suggestions with my amazing mum (who shares the same dilemma!)we both decided that we would eat a bowl of yogurt and granola each morning, and we've stuck to it! I also have some seeded bread with flora, and a glass or two of orange juice. The difference it has made in me has been amazing- I start the day off feeling great and it just carries on!

I've also been bringing in fruit salad and then an apple or a pear to school, and then having another yogurt whenever I get home. So, I've managed to increase my calcium, vitamin c, fibre and fruit intake without and difficult, major changes!

Another contribution to my overall 'happiness' has been not having my phone. I really broke the cycle of my problem that I was having with constantly social networking and texting (I might do a post on this but I'm not too sure yet!) It was really nice to not always feel the need to be on my phone! I have it back now, and I know it's not as bad anymore but I do feel as if I am slightly slipping back into my 'old ways'. But i have recognised this, and so I'm going to work on it over the Easter break.

As part of this, I feel like I've been able to be a lot more open to my parents. No more lying and keeping secrets with them, I'm trying hard to come to my mum when I h
ave a problem and spend more time just generally talking with them both :) And I know this may be nerdy or cheesy or whatever, but i feel like it really is a lot better that way.

So, areas I've improved in are
  • Eating
  • Exercising
  • Healthier living
  • Social networking
  • Communicating and being more open with my family
Areas that I'm targeting to improve next are
  • Drinking more water
  • School- My grades, the effort I put in and my behaviour in general
So only two targets, as well as 'reinforcing' the other changes I've made recently.

I really think it's good to try and aim to make some changes for the better in your life. After all, you cant expect positive differences to happen unless you take a step towards achieving them! I also think that by me documenting things like this on here, it will help me to keep on track as well as maybe giving you ideas!

So thanks for reading, I hope Ive inspired you to make some healthier lifestyle choices :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The perks of being a wallflower

I think that every teenage girl should read at least one book from the age of 13-19. And by one book, i mean one GOOD book. Books have the power to change a tiny little piece of the world, and to me that is truly magical. Call me a nerd here, but I love reading. Ever since i was born I've basically been into books- literally, my parents used to read to me frequently and it's something that I've just grown up with.

So back to my one book thought- I think that the perks of being a wallflower is that one book. The one book that, given to the right person, has the power to change a life.

Until I read the perks, I didn't really have a 'favourite' book. Long story short-I'm very indecisive. To be honest with you, I don't really have a favourite anything. So up until that point, my 'favourite' book was probably to kill a mockingbird, or maybe my sisters keeper.

The difference is, neither of those books have made me thing in the way that the perks of being a wallflower did. There are just so many quotes, so many life lessons and thought provoking sentences within that book. It's truly magical.

I am yet to watch the film- but I don't think any filmmaker could capture the images provoked by Stephen chbosky in the perks of being a wallflower. I don't think any film could even half justify this amazing book.

In short, it is amazing. I urge you to go to the library right this moment and read it!

Friday, March 15, 2013

My latest love...

Just going to be a quick post here, but I've recently re-discovered something and thought I would share!

As you all know, I had my first diving lesson last week. I realised after the session that I've gotten pretty unfit, and struggled to even do one lap of the pool! So, I've been working hard this week! I've been going swimming in the evenings, and I've loved every second of it! I come out feeling so alive, accomplished and very happy with myself.

Unlike most cardio, swimming is something I really enjoy, and so I don't need any motivation to do it- it's simply fun! The pool I go to was recently featured on the itv programme splash and it's also where I'm learning to dive- It is part of a million pound investment and so the facilities are simply amazing! I hope to start the gym there soon too!

I really, really encourage you to try it- the rewards are amazing, and that is just in one week! I feel so much healthier, happier and I absolutely love the feeling of my muscles growing and changing! I also find that it really puts my eating disordered mind to rest- I know that I need to eat, and am not even tempted to purge afterwards as I know I will be burning those calories off as fuel later on!

So in short- I simply love it. I think I'm possibly becoming pretty pro-fitness, and I'm already enjoying this healthier 'lifestyle!' I've even been influencing my family- my dad and brother came with me one evening, and I'm trying to persuade my mum to come to an aqua aerobics class with me as it looks like a fun way to get fit!

Thanks for reading, go and re-discover swimming yourself if you haven't already!!xox

Being excluded

At one time in our lives, most of us will probably go through a period of being excluded from something. Sometimes, girls (and probably boys too!) deliberately exclude someone from activities in their friendship group. It is often unintentional, but sometimes there is a nasty motive behind it.

Its not nice. Whether your 'friends' mean it on purpose or not, it can leave you feeling very unwanted and upset, and often dents your confidence too. If it is happening frequently and you are getting upset by it, then it's time to do something. No-one should be left feeling like this on a regular basis. So what can you do?
You should:
  • Speak to a trusted friend or adult. Each situation is different, and they may be able to advise you on the best way to resolve the problem depending on the specific situation.
  • Talk to your friends about it. A problem doesn't always just resolve itself;and talking about it is often a good way to make a change. If you have one friend in the group who you are closer too, then take her aside and tell her how you're feeling. It's best to do it face to face rather than online or by text. Remember- you're friends may not realise what they are doing!
  • Slowly make some new friends. Maybe, you're friendship with this group just isn't meant to be. You have to accept the fact that even though it is a very nasty way to go about it, your 'friends' could have went off you for whatever reason (there is no good reason- but unfortunately there are a lot of horrible people in this world) and this could be their way of hinting at you. If you suspect that this is the case, then it is really best to move on. You don't want to be with people like this- that isn't a healthy friendship.
The fact that this is happening to you doesn't make you any less brilliant then you already are. You are still an amazing person, and although it may make you feel truly crap about yourself you really need to rise above it and use the experience to make yourself stronger!

Thanks for reading xox

I appear to have gone glooooooobbaaalll!!!!!!

Wow. I have been in this mad little blogosphere for nearly one month now. And already, I'm amazed at the response! I logged on this evening as I have been neglecting this blog lately (I've been going swimming most evenings, and had a very important science exam which I needed to revise for so my reasons are valid!) because I really haven't had the time, but decided I would get a few posts done this evening and at the weekend. I was amazed at the number of page views I've received! I now have readers in the UK, USA, Germany, Slovenia, China, Moldova (I will admit I had no idea where that was until I googled it!) Canada, France, India, Australia and New Zealand! It's pure madness!!

I expected to maybe have around 150 page views at this time, from the UK and maybe even America. But, that number is nearly quadrupled! And I appear to have an audience that is pretty worldwide!

So if you aren't already following me, then please take a bit of time out of your day to do so. You have no idea how much it means to me! I would love to see each one of my readers, especially if you have blogs of your own!

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to do so, it is really appreciated! xox

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have finally done it! Today I took my first ever highly anticipated diving lesson! And it was simply... amazing!

I honestly had so much fun! It looks relatively simple on TV (or at least I think it does anyway!) But believe me whenever it comes down to it, it is very hard! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I truly cant describe the feeling!

What I most definitely did not look like!
Our lesson was half an hour long. We practiced each dive from the edge of the pool (straight, tuck, pike and roll) and then we dived off the 3 metre boards! I really did not expect to be doing that in our first lesson! We also did lots of different dives off the springboards (both one metre and three metre) and I'm proud to say I attempted each one! It was sooooo scary, even though it may not look it! The feeling when you're falling in the air must be amazing, but I was too busy being scared and pulling weird faces to notice!

I really need to work on my 'water ability' though. I took plenty of swimming lessons when I was younger, but now I only ever swim when I'm on holiday! So I'm going to try and do some laps once or twice a week, as well as working on my upper body strength at home and at the gym. Another thing I need to improve is my form and posture- although I'm sure that will come with time when I gain more confidence!

The only downside is I'm now covered in red marks from where I kept slapping the water! I think I must have entered awkwardly almost every dive! I was just so scared, and I also found myself getting exhausted as my fitness level right now is pretty disgraceful!

But overall, it was a very positive experience! I think it's something I'm going to really enjoy, and cant wait till next week!

Thanks for reading xox

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The start of something new!

I'm at that unfortunate age now where if you're not in a team or sporting commitment already, your pretty much screwed. I did plenty of different things when I was younger but by the time I started high school I did nothing. Nada. No extra curricular activities whatsoever, apart from the odd bike ride or tennis match and fairly often dog walking. I was a pretty awkward, shy person at that time, and no longer had the confidence to try something new, due to the fact I was shy, not overly talented anymore and had a headteacher who really seemed to dislike me towards the end of primary school and forever put me down and made me think I was truly crap at any sport under the sun.

This has bothered me for three years now. Whenever we have to do things in school where we have to write about what we do outside of school, I feel truly lost. Playing musical instruments is my only 'hobby' (I really do hate that word!) and isn't exactly the most energetic thing out there. I know I'm not the only one, but it makes me feel very lazy that I don't do any sport outside of school!

After watching the programme 'splash' on itv a few weeks ago (google it if you don't live in the UK) I have been inspired. Diving looks so fun! I watched as the celebrities were transformed in only a few weeks of training, and was amazed during the finals when they were all doing complex dive after only about 8 weeks of training! I just thought it looked so fun, and looked like something I would really enjoy!

So I took it upon myself, and emailed my local diving centre! They've just emailed me back telling me about a new teen course which has spaces!

Now, I know its going to be a challenge. Its going to take lots of patience, perseverance and effort. Not to mention masses of self confidence- not only the actual diving aspect but standing by the edge of a pool in nothing but a swimming costume? That only happens when I'm on holiday, where there is only a slim chance of seeing someone I know other than my family!

But I'm so excited! Something that I can finally do outside of school, and hopefully achieve at it! I hope I will learn some new skills, make some new friends and have lots of fun!

Thanks for reading! Maybe I've inspired you to pick up the phone and call your local sports centre and see whats on! I know it's very hard to do, but believe it or not there are other people in your position! xox

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The most amazing night of my life

As you know, I'm in Iceland at the moment so this will be quick. but last night, I witnessed what true beauty is. I was sitting in a hot tub with my family at our cabin in pretty much the middle of no where. The sky was clear, the stars twinkled brightly above us. and then, some bands of green started to appear across the sky. 'Is that it?' We all asked. Me and my mum went and got dressed so we could investigate further. It was, as we suspected, the highly anticipated northern lights!
Soon, the lights where strong green, and dancing all across the sky. Then, we saw strips of pink too! They put on a great show for us, dancing for a good couple of minutes all across the sky, never in the same pattern.

I have never, in my life, seen something as beautiful. It was magical, gorgeous, and really quite amazing. I made a wish, and thought of all the important people in my life, so that they could be there with me.
I was literally standing there the whole time! It was like nothing I could ever have imagined! I didn't get any good pictures though, but I know that moment will stay with me forever.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all one day get to see the northern lights!xox