Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have finally done it! Today I took my first ever highly anticipated diving lesson! And it was simply... amazing!

I honestly had so much fun! It looks relatively simple on TV (or at least I think it does anyway!) But believe me whenever it comes down to it, it is very hard! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I truly cant describe the feeling!

What I most definitely did not look like!
Our lesson was half an hour long. We practiced each dive from the edge of the pool (straight, tuck, pike and roll) and then we dived off the 3 metre boards! I really did not expect to be doing that in our first lesson! We also did lots of different dives off the springboards (both one metre and three metre) and I'm proud to say I attempted each one! It was sooooo scary, even though it may not look it! The feeling when you're falling in the air must be amazing, but I was too busy being scared and pulling weird faces to notice!

I really need to work on my 'water ability' though. I took plenty of swimming lessons when I was younger, but now I only ever swim when I'm on holiday! So I'm going to try and do some laps once or twice a week, as well as working on my upper body strength at home and at the gym. Another thing I need to improve is my form and posture- although I'm sure that will come with time when I gain more confidence!

The only downside is I'm now covered in red marks from where I kept slapping the water! I think I must have entered awkwardly almost every dive! I was just so scared, and I also found myself getting exhausted as my fitness level right now is pretty disgraceful!

But overall, it was a very positive experience! I think it's something I'm going to really enjoy, and cant wait till next week!

Thanks for reading xox

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