Friday, March 15, 2013

I appear to have gone glooooooobbaaalll!!!!!!

Wow. I have been in this mad little blogosphere for nearly one month now. And already, I'm amazed at the response! I logged on this evening as I have been neglecting this blog lately (I've been going swimming most evenings, and had a very important science exam which I needed to revise for so my reasons are valid!) because I really haven't had the time, but decided I would get a few posts done this evening and at the weekend. I was amazed at the number of page views I've received! I now have readers in the UK, USA, Germany, Slovenia, China, Moldova (I will admit I had no idea where that was until I googled it!) Canada, France, India, Australia and New Zealand! It's pure madness!!

I expected to maybe have around 150 page views at this time, from the UK and maybe even America. But, that number is nearly quadrupled! And I appear to have an audience that is pretty worldwide!

So if you aren't already following me, then please take a bit of time out of your day to do so. You have no idea how much it means to me! I would love to see each one of my readers, especially if you have blogs of your own!

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to do so, it is really appreciated! xox

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