Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 14th

Here it is again. Some say its nothing more then a commercial gimmick, others that its the most romantic magical thing ever. I'm talking about good old valentines day.

Scrolling through tumblr, I can't help but feel the slightest pang inside me when I see all the cute couple valentines related pictures. Another year alone, and all that crap. And then I remind myself... I AM THIRTEEN BLOODY YEARS OLD! Why such an emphasis on dating already? I once heard the phrase 'high school is where you meet your bridesmaids, not your husband'. That is something which, to me, should really be more publicly emphasized! Why, in this day and age when females have never had better rights... why are thirteen year old girls still feeling the need for long term relationships? The suffragettes would be truly, truly horrified if they were here to witness this.

So why don't we all focus on the important things this valentines? The people who mean the most to you. Be that your boy/girlfriend, your best friend, your family or even pets. Take a little bit of time out to spend with them! My friends Hannah and Erin are having a cute valentines day baking date, and shes blogging about it here if you want to go check it out. I myself am doing nothing. I might go to the cinema with some Friends and we can annoy everyone by pretending to be all smoochy and loved up :) but if I do that will be on the Friday, as Thursday is a school night!

If you are lucky enough to have somebody cute to spend it with and dont have any plans, I've stumbled across some very cute ones that I'd like to share!!

Build a fort! As my blogspiration rose (who you can find here ) pointed out, on valentines day restaurants are really not a pleasant experience. So build a fort, order a pizza and just have a cute night in.

 Okay so these are all getting pretty unrealistic and idyllic. But, I can't resist!

                    Heres where I found all these images
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy your valentines day <3 xox

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