Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The good days :)

In little old England, we are fortunate enough to have a week off school every six weeks, and then six weeks off during summer (which is short compared to some places, but justified!) So this week, is 'mid-term'. I didn't really have anything planned, but then me and my friend Hannah who also blogs, arranged a much needed catch up sleepover. We both realised that lately we hadn't really been talking as much, and needed a nice little girlie date. So yesterday, I popped over to hers for some much needed girl time :)

First of all, we went to... wait for it... waitrose! We needed ingredients to make our much anticipated Slutty brownies! So we had a little walk around town and did our usual story of commenting on peoples outfits, spotting all the hot boys and subtly doing impressions. Then, we went back and made the brownies! This is the second time I've made them, and they are simply divine! Definitely go check out Rosies blog post on them! We made them our own by adding chunks of galaxy chocolate.

So after the brownies, we ate dinner and just chilled for a whilst on the computer and mucking around with her younger brother and sister :) always fun ;)

Next, we began to build our highly anticipated fort! I couldn't get a decent picture of it though! I was basically just sheets around the TV, supported by chairs with plenty of duvets and fairly lights! So for the rest of the night, we watched TV, ate chocolate and had a long, much needed catch up!

The next day we headed to the train station to go to Milton Keynes shopping with some other friends. We had plenty of 'train banter', which is really quite inexplicable I'm afraid!!!

Our two friends surprised us by joining us on the train which was awesome- we thought we were just meeting them at the train centre! And then, everything just got 10 times louder, funnier and gigglier as usual!

I had a very successful day shopping, and plan on doing a haul soon. We ate lunch in good old wagamamas, which has become our newest haunt for lunch on days out as we feel we're now too sophisticated for pizza express and MacDonald's ;) It was great, but a tad uncomfortable as we were squished in between (if you've ever been to wagamamas you'll know what I mean!) Two... 'mature' couples who gave us a fair few dirty looks. I don't blame them, four thirteen/fourteen year old girls on a sugar high cant be that pleasant!

So overall, it's been a great two days. It's really perked me up a lot, and I feel as if it's days like this that make everything worthwhile!

Thanks so much for reading, comment below! xox

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