Monday, February 25, 2013

What is she becoming?

My school, like every other high school, has 'the populars'. That group of about five or six girls who think they are just the bees knees, and control EVERYTHING that goes on (it seems) I could go on writing about this forever but I'm planning on doing a post about this soon.

Anyway, I have this one friend, who I'm going to call Chloe for this, as her name isn't very common, and may arouse suspicions as to who I am. So Chloe, for this blog anyway.

So my friend Chloe, is really one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. I would probably consider her one of my 'best friends' (an expression that i HATE due to my darling frenemie, who I shall do a post on soon). She is always so upbeat, funny, considerate and caring towards me, and is probably the one I'm closest to in our friendship group. We've been friends since we started the school, and I hate to imagine my life in school without her.

One of the things that's always annoyed me about her is the way that she cares so much what other people think of her. She seems to think people are looking at her 24/7 and judging her. This is ridiculous; shes not one of the 'populars', and doesn't really have any friends outside of our group. As horrible as this may sound, people don't really 'know' her as she doesn't ever make an effort to talk to new friends, and I don't think shes ever had a full conversation with a boy.

In our group, I'm the only one with close boy friends. The other three get quite jealous of this sometimes, though not so much now as they used to. But Chloe is the one who seems to be the least able to talk to boys. She just doesn't seem capable of having a laugh with them, or even making 'polite conversation'! And then, she gets annoyed at how the boys don't really know her!

But anyway, the other night her and my 'frenemie' (like I said, post soon to come) were invited round one of the 'populars' houses. So they went, and have not stopped talking about it since. Now, I'm not going to lie to you- I am jealous, annoyed and angry here. Jealous because I love making different friends and getting closer to new people, annoyed because of how me and my other friend weren't invited, and angry because they're doing what they always do- bigging up the situation and rubbing it in. It's pathetic really. I know that they probably both just sat there awkwardly for most of the night, as they always do with new people. But they KEEP bringing it up!

So Chloe is getting cocky and big headed about that. Then, she was mentioned in an ask fm answer. In a 'popular' boys list of girls he thinks is hot. Ok, fair enough- Chloe's quite pretty. She wears too much makeup (wrongly applied for the most part, may I add) But she does have some very pretty features. So instead of accepting it and being flattered like I have when it's happened once or twice to me, she Keeps bringing it up!

Last of all, theres this- Chloe seems to have got the idea that since shes now clearly popular (rolls eyes in an infuriated fashion) one of the 'populars' really likes her. Now, this wouldn't usually annoy me. But this particular 'popular' (lets call her Ashley for the sake of this situation) is the only one that I'm pretty close to. Lets just say, we both have a lot in common. Shes been there for me loads lately, and likewise me her. But before half term, we had a bit of an argument. Chloe has taken this as an opportunity to wedge her way in with Ashley, and Ashley seems to like the attention from this. Now, please ignore the ridiculous primary school attitude here- but Ashley told me 'who she fancies' first of all. I was the first person she told, and both of us kept this quiet for about a week. Chloe found out that Ashley liked someone and I knew, and would not stand for it! She bugged and bigged and bigged Ashley until she told her, and then- you guessed it- made a big deal out of it. She kept rubbing it in peoples faces too.

I just think the whole thing is ridiculous. I'm trying my best not to let it bug me- it has no right to! But it's just getting on my nerves a lot watching it. I had hoped it would calm down over half term but today we came back and nothing changed.

Just wanted to vent about that! It's just ridiculous, immature behaviour, and like every other problem has been worsened by good old social networking.

Thanks for reading, glad to have got that out! xox


  1. what do you achieve by bitching about people? Its nasty, rude and vindictive if you even know what that means. get a real hobby, I'm sure they dont bitch about you.

    1. its not bitching about people- I don't say their names, and aren't being mean about them all I'm doing is venting because this is a blog created for that reason. They do bitch about me actually, quite a lot actually so this is another reason why I write about them on here. Understand the concept of blogging before you have a go at me next time, and make yourself slightly less obvious as to who you are as well. Oh, and it would be nice if you could stop being so two faced and indirect about it too :s see you tomorrow at school!

  2. Hi my names lily, Could you please put up your blogpost about your frenimie I have one and I want to see if your going through the same things and they do the same things and maybe throw a bit of advice in there :) x

    1. Oh please, make yourself a little less obvious next time will you.

  3. Lol, I totally get what you mean! Girls can be really bitchy at times, but whenever I'm in the sort of situation you're in, I just ignore her and find a nicer group of friends to hang out with. I feel sorry for mean girls now, I used to be a real pain in the ass when I was 14 and I never forgave myself for it. It's your blog, so you definitely have the right to rant about whatever it is that's bothering you. Thumbs up for not mentioning real names too! :) I live in Malaysia, so my school doesn't really have cliques like in other countries, but mean girls are everywhere :/