Friday, February 8, 2013

My first ever post!

Hey there! This is just going to be an introduction to my brand new little corner of the web. If you are reading this, you've stumbled apon the very beginnings of my 'mission'. It's pretty simple really- I want to make people think. First and formost, teenagers like myself. But if this can give any one member of society something to at least think about, then I will feel justified.

I'm 13 years old, British, and for now I'm choosing to stay anonymous. Recently, I have found myself slipping down a path which is really not the direction I want to be heading in the future. The path I speak of is one which has become all to common within people my age- that of low self esteem, self hatred, lying, crying, self harm,eating disorders, becoming the victims/instigators of cruel bullying, and addiction to social networking; creating a virtual life and feeling the need to share every nitty, gritty detail of their (somewhat unrealistic) virtual lives to complete strangers. I have become somewhat unrecognisable, and I really wish to change that. I'm one of the lucky ones- I have two amazing parents who would (and have done!) do anything in the world to help me be the best that I can be throughout my whole life. But like I said- I am lucky. Many girls (and boys!) my age have slipped down the same slope i speak of, but the difference is this- they have no help to climb back up. And thus, leading further and further down this 'path', into what I don't doubt will create something awful, adding to the vicious cycle that has become the norm in today's society.

I have a lot of deep thoughts and concerns, some of which other people most probably relate to. So hopefully, this blog is going to be somewhere where I can air these, without being judged. I feel as if me sharing my experiences, opinions, concerns and theories, I could possibly even help a few people! If I could, that would be amazing! But if not, even if only 10 people ever view this blog- at least I will have had somewhere to vent. At least I will have gained experience in the very field of which I aspire to succeed a career in, some time in  the future. And... dare I say it? At least I will have had a bit of 'fun'. Something which is sadly all to rare in the life of a thirteen year old girl in this day and age, at least not in an appropriate form.

So thank you, for taking time out to read this. I am extremely grateful, and please keep an eye on this tiny little blog- I expect a good few posts in the future! If you would like to speak to me, my email adress for this blog is

Hopefully see you soon! xoxo

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