Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking a break

Lately, I have definitely become a phone addict. 24/7 I would have my phone in my hand, and would feel the need to talk to loads of people, and constantly be refreshing social network feeds. This isn't healthy! It's been causing me a LOT of problems.

Conversations, if you can even call them that, that I've been having by text, are no longer what they used to be. They aren't lighthearted, innocent fun anymore- they seem to be full of attention seeking, lies and bitching... dare I even say from both parties, not just me. Not only that, conversations which someone my age shouldn't be having. (I wont go into that here, but I do have a post which you can find here if you're interested)

Its really started to affect me. Over half term, out of boredom, I was permanently attached to my phone. This really isn't healthy! It wasn't intentional-  I literally felt the need to be on my phone, in a similar way to how an alcoholic feels the need to drink, or a smoker feels an urge to have a cigarette.

So, here's an idea. What about taking a break? A break from technology? Not even from all technology- just the ones I'm 'addicted' to. For the next week at the very least, I'm taking a break from my phone. That means no going on it whats so ever.

How about following my lead? Even if it is only for a week, why not ditch the evil little thing? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be horrified at themselves if they could see their behaviour in a mirror! I know its something that's pretty hard (which is disgusting- it really shouldn't be!) but I'm hoping that I will get back to my old self, and break the cycle by taking a break.

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading, I hope you take a leaf out of my book! xox

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